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Risky Bodies

16mm film: 10:04

'Risky Bodies' examines the label of ‘vulnerable’ as an individual and collective identity during the Covid-19 pandemic. Through the lens of a mother-daughter collaboration, we explore the complexities and possibilities of shared vulnerability, seeking to understand and represent shifting perceptions of interdependence and care.

Developed by Emily and Cherrie Beaney during a Summerhall Lab. The film was screened with 35mm slide captions and audio description, followed by a Q&A with the artists, in November 2021 with thanks to:


Lydia Beilby (analogue mentoring and projection)

Thom Christie (plant sounds)

On8mil (film processing)

A photograph of two tall medical style steel frames in a gallery setting. The frames contain disintegrated woven textiles and plant matter.
Black and white 16mm still image of two spray bottles facing a bundle of leaves bound with string.
Black and white 16mm still image of an outstretched white gloved hand with a leaf appearing on the upfacing palm.
A photograph of the film 'Risky Bodies' projected as an installation featuring a central projection screen with a black and white image of gloved hands and flowers and the caption text 'Risky Bodies'. To either side of the projection there are two medical style steel screen frames suspending disintegrated textiles and plant matter. The work is installed in a gallery setting.

Installation view of Risky Bodies

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