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Collaboration with artist Ana García Jácome radically re-working archival footage through collaborations with disabled women in Scotland and Mexico. The project explores how audio-visual practices can interrogate issues of representation across international contexts.


16mm film: 14:12 

Black and white 16mm still image of hands clawing through sand.

Working collaboratively with women in Scotland, 'Deviant' seeks to reveal the internal sensations, thoughts and emotions of endometriosis experience that remain hidden / unheard. 

Risky Bodies

16mm film: 10:04

Black and white 16mm still image of two spray bottles facing a bundle of leaves bound with string.

Breaking the Fall 

Trilogy of experimental shorts: 10:45

Through the lens of a mother-daughter collaboration, 'Risky Bodies' examines the label of ‘vulnerable’ as an individual and collective identity.

Black and white still of a young white woman in profile with a pair of hands holding her head. She is wearing a white rubber cap and volumous fluffy white textiles.

'Breaking the Fall' is a trilogy of experimental short films, created in collaboration with my mother, Cherrie Beaney. The films reveal embodied, personal and social experiences of illness, care and interdependence.

Rhythmic Cracks

Workshop / Intervention: 01:39

The Body as it is Lived

Research Film: 07:06

Still image with a circle at the centre featuring a blurred hand submerged in bubbles and water surrounded by a dark background flecked with white.

What is a body? This research film explores mind / body dualities and phenomenological conceptions of embodiment from the perspective of a 'sick' body.

Something Dances Through Me

35mm slide projection / sound: 05:04

Three black and white still images side by side of a dog rolling on grass, having a great time.
Photograph of a group dressed in wearable sculptures composed of everyday materials posing on the steps of a public building.

Documentation of a collaborative residency in São Paulo, exploring rhythm and the city.


Film Poem: 03:32

Collaboration between myself, my mother Cherrie, and Willow the dog. In this live 35mm slide and sound work we explore how our embodiment is shared across more-than-human relationships.

Film still of an MRI image of a brain with abstract green and blue lights sweeping across the image.

This film poem reflects upon the filmmaker's experiences of neurological deviations.

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