16mm film: 14:12 

'Deviant' .jpg

Working collaboratively with women in Scotland, 'Deviant' seeks to reveal the internal sensations, thoughts and emotions of endometriosis experience that remain hidden / unheard. 

Risky Bodies

16mm film: 10:04


Through the lens of a mother-daughter collaboration, 'Risky Bodies' examines the label of ‘vulnerable’ as an individual and collective identity.

Breaking the Fall 

Trilogy of experimental shorts: 10:45

Breaking the Fall - Fig.3 .jpg

The Body as it is Lived

Research Film: 07:06

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What is a body? This research film explores mind / body dualities and phenomenological conceptions of embodiment from the perspective of a 'sick' body.

Rhythmic Cracks

Workshop / Intervention: 01:39

'Breaking the Fall' is a trilogy of experimental short films, created in collaboration with my mother, Cherrie Beaney. The films reveal embodied, personal and social experiences of illness, care and interdependence.


Documentation of a collaborative residency in São Paulo, exploring rhythm and the city.