Silent moving image: 03:06

Rising responds to the theme of the wild sea as a metaphor for our recent uncertain times. Footage of the water surface, above and below the sea, are combined to generate a sense of disorientation, representative of confusions surrounding the pandemic and the desire find a way out. 

Director: Emily Beaney

Screening of Rising at ArtWalk Porty's outdoor film festival 'All at Sea'

October 2020, Edinburgh.

Breaking the Fall 

A trilogy of experimental documentaries: Illness and the everyday

Breaking the Fall: Care and Control


Mother - daughter collaboration 2/3: exploring the delicate balance between care and control within a relationship entangled by disability.

Director: Emily Beaney

Collaborator: Cherrie Beaney

Music: Alabaster dePlume

Project developed from research supported by Stellar Quines and Birds of Paradise

Breaking the Fall: Preservation


Mother - daughter collaboration 3/3: observations on ageing, anxieties and shifting relationships. 

Director: Emily Beaney

Collaborator: Cherrie Beaney

Breaking the Fall: Her Eye


Mother - daughter collaboration 1/3: a phenomenological study of my mother's experiences of sight-loss due to Glaucoma.

Director: Emily Beaney

Collaborator: Cherrie Beaney


Experimental documentary: 03:30

Immersive filmmaking focusing on sensory experience on screen. Research focused on the intersection between film and medicine, attempting to portray a phenomenological experience of epilepsy.

Director: Emily Beaney

Supervisor: Amy Hardie

Music: Jon Hopkins

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