The Body as it is Lived

Research Film: 07:06

What is a body? This research film explores mind / body dualities and phenomenological conceptions of embodiment from the perspective of a 'sick' body.


Silent moving image: 03:06

Footage of the water surface, above and below the sea, are combined to generate a sense of disorientation, representative of confusions surrounding the recent pandemic and the desire to find a way out. 


ArtWalk Projects outdoor film festival, 2020, Edinburgh.

Breaking the Fall 

A trilogy of experimental documentaries: 10:45


Breaking the Fall is a trilogy of experimental short films, created in collaboration with my mother, Cherrie Beaney. The films reveal embodied, personal and social experiences of illness, care and interdependence that are often over-shadowed by dominant medical, doctor-patient relationships. Within the context of our mother-daughter relationship, we explore how illness and care is enacted in the familial setting, drawing upon Johanna Hedva’s (2015) 'Sick Woman Theory' to ‘take seriously’ everyday acts of care which are historically feminised and therefore made invisible."

Collaborator: Cherrie Beaney

Music (02:03 - 06:09): Alabaster dePlume

Research and Development Funding thanks to Stellar Quines and BOP Theatre


Experimental documentary: 03:30

Immersive filmmaking focusing on sensory experience on screen. Research focused on the intersection between film and medicine, attempting to portray a phenomenological experience of epilepsy.

Supervisor: Amy Hardie

Music: Jon Hopkins