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Moving the Image / Moviendo la Imagen: Representing, Reframing, Reclaiming

Collaboration with Ana García Jácome

Repurposed archival film: 24:00 

Moving The Image_Ana Garcia Jacome and Emily Beaney_collage of woman from archival materia

In a collaboration between disabled women from

Scotland and Mexico, experimental and archival

moving image practice is used to reclaim agency

in representation. Artists Emily Beaney and Ana

García Jácome seek to disrupt medicalised

accounts of disabled women's lives. Drawing

upon archives in Mexico City and at Glasgow

Women’s Libray and the Wellcome Collection, we

have come together to explore how audio-visual

practices can interrogate issues of representation

across the international contexts. Radically re-

working archival footage with experimental sound

and image compositions, collaborations with

disabled community members in workshops, and

with artists from Scotland and the Femidiscas

collective in Mexico, contribute creative

interventions, positioning disabled women as

active agents of change.

An Unlimited International Partner Award 2023 commission made possible thanks to funding from the British Council.

Producer (UK): Care-fuffle

Producer (Mexico): Eunice Cuevas

Collaborators (Scotland + Mexico):

Annie Crabtree

Daniela Herrera Le Petit Riot

Nur Matta

Aniela Piasecka

Kirin Saeed

Diana Vite

Workshop Participants: 

Valeria Rodríguez Sandoval

Victoria Torres Ramírez

Alma Angélica Rodríguez López

Fabiola De La Rosa Hernández

Beatriz Sandoval

Carolina Díaz González

Sara Güizado Gómez

Semanca Huitzilin


Glasgow Women's Library

Wellcome Collection

With thanks to:


Centro Cultural de España

Universidad El Claustro



Forthcoming screening: Glasgow Women's Library, Thursday 7th March 2024

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