Rhythmic Cracks

São Paulo MITsp residency and workshop with Lowri Evans

British Council and Creative Scotland funded residency in São Paulo, Brazil, exploring Henri Lefebvre's Rhythmanalysis and the gender data gap identified by Caroline Criado Perez using performance and wearable sculpture. 

Collaborators: Alicia Esteves, Anelena Toku, Carla Boregas, Ariane Aparecida

Video credit: Alicia Esteves, Anelena Toku

Multi-Sensory Environments

Participatory performance Collaboration with Ioana Popescu

Immersive experience exploring the theme of Othering - the venue was filled with smoke and the floor covered with sand to disrupt sensory hierarchies. Participants were led through exercises that led to an othering of the self, before being encouraged to 'find a point of connection' with each other.

Not Your Fucking Inspiration 

Scratch performance

Words by Ink Asher Hemp

Scratch performance developed from discussions surrounding perceptions of disability.

Photo credit: The Bold Collective