Tomorrow Comes

Mixed textile, metal boning, plastic straws 

This wearable artwork is an expression of solidarity with the resilient women of Rio de Janeiro, encountered at the feminist festival Women of the World, 2018. The work draws inspiration from Rio’s bold visual language and features banners printed with collected quotes. 

Banners read: The Anger Still Runs Deep. Exceed Historical Machismo. It Started And It Was Beautiful. Exchanges Of Experiences. Sharing Territory. Speak Against The Silencing Of Women’s Voices.Tomorrow Comes. 

The Storm Within 

Copper rods, fibre optics,EL Wire, acrylic rods, ThermoMorph Plastic, LEDs, foil-printed lycra, silicone, chiffon

Performance series exploring neurological disorder and its effect on the body. The first piece portrays the unfolding of the two stage process of a tonic-clonic seizure. The ‘tonic’ phase, in which the body becomes rigid, and the ‘clonic’ phase, a jerking of the muscles. The phases are visually translated through the use of rigid, contrasting forms emanating from the body, and light, to reveal the surges of electricity in the brain.  


The second outcome, Atonic, evokes falling sensations and the loss of muscle tone, associated with an atonic seizure. Chiffon layered with silicone is suggestive of the intricate folds in the brain’s surface, whilst spiralling light encases the body, captured in a moment of disorientation.



Brewing Trouble

Jesmonite, papier mache, spray paint stencilling, smoke pellets

This whimsical wearable sculpture drew inspiration from tea and gossip culture. Casting techniques explore the effect of forms stacking themselves upon one another, like imagined details embellishing rumours discussed at tea time. The outlandish figure is a caricature of a gossiping society disguised in the civilised pleasantries of tea drinking. The teapot headpiece was cast in Jesmonite and contained smoke pellets to resemble a steaming pot of tea.

Twisted Fairytales Harvey Nichol's Edinburgh Commission

Painted wood, feathers, wire, papier mache, chiffon, netting

Commissioned by Harvey Nichol’s Edinburgh, this piece is an embodiment of ‘the deep, dark woods’ that feature so often as a sinister backdrop in storytelling. Sculptural forms built around the human body release the unsettling inhabitants of the tale into the physical world through the teller. 

Foxglove (Sensory Fabric Sculpture)

Netting, raffia, fabric stiffener, fabric paints, essential oil sprays

The foxglove and forest setting were chosen due to the organic sculptural forms of the plant and sensory stimulation of the forest. Fabric was impregnated with essential oils to evoke a sense of woodlands. The sculpture is a wearable piece and stiffened fabrics, raffia and netting rustle when touched, reminiscent of forest sounds.