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It's lockdown time! So we're keeping busy with #BreakingTheFall, making wearable sculptures for the head and body. I've been trying to create a headpiece representing the brain's strange beauty and complexity, whilst also revealing some of the chaos, confusion and entanglement present in our theme. My mum has been stitching together the netting onto a base garment, so things are slowly becoming wearable!

We started thinking about the body in relation to these structures. The welded forms represent both protection and restriction, so we started experimenting with contrasting fibres and fabrics to portray my mum's perception of vulnerability. The internal structure of the brain is very fragile with fascinating intricate folds, so we wanted to give a suggestion this alongside the notion of wanting to "wrap me up in cotton wool"...

I started welding together the structure! A process I loved, but I knew my mum would hate me doing (risk, danger, etc. etc.). She kept trying to find ways of building our structure that avoided it. Welding feels empowering for some reason, perhaps it's linked into control, when I weld I feel in control and this is important. So I ploughed on...